SSGE Bio-energy Co Ltd’s ESG Report

While there may be no precise commonly accepted definition of ESG, it is broadly speaking a constellation of corporate performance metrics across three non-financial dimensions : E-the impact on the environment, S-the impact on the social institutions and human relationships, and G-the way in which an organization governs itself and makes decisions.

No specific ESG report has so far been issued out as SSGE Bio-energy Co Ltd just commenced production. The company’s wholly owned subsidiary is complying all the rules and regulations of the National Law of Myanmar. Besides, SSGE Bio-energy Co Ltd was certified as an organization which has complied with the principles and criteria of RSB (Roundtable Sustainable Bio-materials) to run the business. RSB Global Certificate and RSB EU RED Certificate were granted to SSGE Bio-energy Co Ltd in December 2021.

Realizing the significant important of ESG Reporting, it will be issued and released to the shareholders and stakeholders who have a direct and an indirect vested interest in SSGE Bio-energy Co Ltd when it is appropriate to do so.

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